Brain vs. Heart: The Never Ending Battle

I was recently asked how I felt about a certain scenario taking place in my life. My response was, “It depends if you’re asking my heart or my brain.” There are so many times our heart feels so strongly about someone or something that it’s easy to ignore the reality that our brain knows to be true.

The heart & brain are always at war. Photo cred: Bluegenes Photography

I am a huge believer in leaps of faith and unexpected miracles. Both of those scenarios require a lot more heart and faith than they do brain and proof. And a lot of times, it’s our heart that leads us to the most risky, but rewarding end result. But the truth is, the brain’s point of view could save us from a lot of pain down the road. So I find myself in a never ending battle between the two. How do we know which to choose?

I’ve discovered that you have to find the right balance, which is not an easy task. Your heart is probably fooling you if it feels that strongly against what your brain thinks. This means there is most likely a factor involved that is blocking you from reality. The “brain block” is probably something that consumes your emotions, making you unable to imagine life any other way. This happens more often than not, making it easy to forget the brain’s point of view.

So if we strictly listened to our heart, would we make wise choices? In the long run, probably not. But in the moment, it will seem right. So although they will always be at war, I think you’ll know it’s okay to follow your heart when it isn’t a complete polar opposite feeling from the brain. We will find fear and worry in any situation, which is what keeps the brain vs. heart battle alive. It’s part of life. Our minds are constantly left playing out different scenarios, spinning with fear. This is because we can’t predict the future, so we’re left with the unknown, fully aware that any decision we make will indeed affect the outcome. That’s a scary feeling.

But I think you’re safe to follow your heart when your guard is up just a little bit because you are fully aware that if your fears start becoming reality, you’re going to have to start siding with the brain. That’s the kind of balance you’ll find that leads you to feel comfortable doing what all the fairytales say and following your heart. Either choice is much easier said than done.

Sticking to the brain takes bravery, self-control, and causes pain in your present life. But it also saves you from a much worse heartbreak down the road. So when you’re trying to decide between the two, check for balance. Evaluate your fears. Admit if you have an actual “brain block” or if your heart really could be leading you down the right, risky path.

We won’t always choose correctly, but that’s part of living and learning. And that’s how we figure out what we want and who we are. In my current situation, I know I have to side with my brain. Hopefully next time around, my heart will be the winner. But I’d never know if I didn’t try. That’s why risks are always worth it.


Special thanks to Tina Adams for the awesome camo pants I’m wearing in the photo above! 

2 thoughts on “Brain vs. Heart: The Never Ending Battle

  1. Ahhh, the balance between the heart and the brain! Yes, it is difficult and yet you have managed to explain it very well! All brain and you have a very boring controlled life and all heart seems to leave us with more hurts then we can sometimes handle! The balance is critical! Thanks so much for such a good read! Gives us something to think about as we try to maneuver this crazy world!

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