Here’s How To Start Avoiding Unnecessary Self Doubt

Thanks to social media, It’s never been easier to get a glimpse inside someone else’s life. It could be a complete stranger, a celebrity, or your next door neighbor. After one quick scroll through their Instagram feed, you can easily learn things like what someone’s master bathroom looks like or what their last shoe purchase was.

She’s trendier than me, but I’ve learned to accept it. 🙂 Photo cred: Krissy Leigh Creative

We seem to forget how easy it is to only showcase our finest moments on social media, which makes it simple to wish we were more like someone else.

One of the best ways to avoid self-doubt is to stop with the constant comparisons.

There are so many things that are easy for me to compare with someone else’s life. My salary, my weight, my relationship status and my travel destinations are some of the biggest areas I seem to easily create comparisons. I find myself thinking, If I made as much money as so and so, I could afford a healthier lifestyle and then I’d look better and  I would go on more trips and then I’d probably meet Prince Charming out of town somewhere and I’d just have a happier life in general if I was more like them.

I’m sure you’ve done this, too.

So lately I’ve decided to really try turning a new leaf and begin to focus on all the ways I’m creating my life to be uniquely mine and not like anyone else’s. It’s not the easiest task in the world, but it helps you from continuously feeling bad about yourself and wishing you were the one posting a photo from the Maldives or announcing your engagement when these kind of things pop up in your social feeds. (Yes, those are kind of touchy subjects for me. Ha!)

We can still have goals to achieve things that others are living out right now, but just as easy as it is to wish we had someone else’s looks or experiences, we can focus on all the reasons we have to be excited about our own life. And I guarantee you there are probably photos you’re sharing that someone else is wishing they were posting.

It’s time for you to embrace your life for all the reasons it’s uniquely yours. When you quit comparing yourself to others, you avoid a whole lot of unnecessary self doubt.

How will you live your dream life if you constantly doubt yourself?

Think about that for a second.