I Always Try To Catch The Bouquet And Here’s Why

Let me start off by telling you that I have never been a superstitious person. I don’t believe in horoscopes, I don’t think knocking on wood will accomplish anything, and I definitely don’t agree that catching the bouquet at a wedding will determine how soon your own wedding will or won’t happen. However, I still make an effort to snatch up those flowers.

Photo by: Krissy Leigh Creative

You might be the person who rolls their eyes when it comes to this part of the night, hoping to hide in the bathroom or be at the bar getting a refill on your champagne to purposely avoid the dance floor as everyone stares at all the single girls who are superstitiously hoping to increase their odds of being the next one married.  That used to be me.

I’ve always hoped to have one of those cute stories where I show up to a wedding without a date and end up falling in love with a groomsman, the hot DJ, or even some single guy who is also attending alone. Clearly this hasn’t happened yet, but wedding season is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’re already dreading the idea of showing up to another batch of weddings without a plus one.

Unless it’s a family member getting married, I typically only know a handful of people at each of the weddings I attend, so think about it: if there’s ever a time to let a couple hundred strangers know you’re single, the bouquet toss wins. Hands down. Why might we want to let the whole guest list know we’re single? Because that’s how you get approached at a wedding by a single guy.

I’ve noticed that a majority of the male population has a real problem coming up to a girl they don’t know and engaging in any type of conversation. I think they’re either afraid of rejection or assume we are already dating someone. Ask any of my beautiful, single girlfriends how often they get approached in a public place. The answer is very rarely.

We obviously aren’t about to walk around wearing t-shirts that say “I’m Single. Come Talk To Me”, so the next best thing is to do at a wedding is make your singleness known by engaging in the bouquet toss. If a guy knows you’re available, he is more likely to approach you because it decreases his odds of rejection. Even if it doesn’t end in happily ever after, at least you might have someone to save you from every slow dance the rest of the night.

Cheers to wedding season! Let’s make the most of the open bar, the chicken dance, and the hot single groomsmen. Good luck!





2 thoughts on “I Always Try To Catch The Bouquet And Here’s Why

  1. Um I think starting an apparel line of “I’m single. Come talk to me.” may be your next big idea Deidre. Could go viral?

    1. HAHA OMG! Maybe we do need to be that obvious. I bet people would buy them!!! haha Hilarious.

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