No One Believes in Your Dream Like Your Home Team

Team. Squad. Tribe. It doesn’t matter which term you use. They all refer to the group of people you find yourself turning to and confiding in. They are the ones who have built trust with you by providing a safe place for you to share your dreams, goals, failures, and everything in between. You can have a dream and you can have a team but when you put them together, amazing things can happen.

You know those people who are always cheering you on no matter what? They’re like having home field advantage at all times. Photo cred: Bluegenes Photography

Whenever you meet a successful woman, I guarantee you she has a list of other successful women who have had her back, encouraged her and not given up on her. How would you get through the ups and downs of life, love and business without that core group of women who inspire and motivate you? It’s something we forget to acknowledge at times. That’s the reason I created the Like A Boss page on this blog. I feel lucky to have this group of successful women by my side.

I’ve made it one of my many goals in life to never forget where I came from and the people who taught me all the things I needed to know to jumpstart my career. Each and every one of them got me one step further and they deserve a few points for that. This is the vibe that has built my tribe. People who are willing to admit how far they’ve come because of the help of others are the kind of people I want to surround myself with. They will always support you and be happy for your success. They’ll never be playing against you. They are your home team.

Authenticity isn’t as common as it should be, so when you find that group of women you genuinely trust and know you can’t do life without, share your dreams with them.  As we celebrate this life we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, let’s not forget our team. They keep us grounded and encouraged while we work to live out our all-American dream.


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