This Is Why I Call Nashville Home (And Why You Should Come Visit!)

If you weren’t one of the record breaking 13.9 million people who visited Nashville in 2016, what is keeping you from experiencing Music City? I came here for the first time as a tourist in 2009 and found myself a permanent resident just seven months later. It’s not just the music scene that draws people to Nashville. The energy that fills each and every unique area of this city also comes from the southern hospitality and creative spirit that is found in so many locally owned businesses.

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As you stroll the streets of neighborhoods like Hillsboro Village, Germantown and 12 South, it’s not uncommon to come across blogger or musician photo shoots in the middle of the street, people standing on chairs to get the perfect flatlay instagram food pic, and friends posing in front of one of the many famous murals painted on the side of a wall somewhere. These are all very common occurrences among Nashville locals because we have an infectious creative spirit that resides all over our city.

As someone who likes to travel quite frequently, it’s strange how I get just as excited to return from a trip as I do to leave for one. This is what happens when you live somewhere you love. Taking off to visit somewhere new gives me a break from everyday life and unforgettable experiences in new places, but returning to Nashville gives me an exceptional feeling as well. This is because I get to come back to a city full of incredible people I love spending my days with, a cozy apartment that feels like a boutique hotel, and a feeling of community you don’t find just anywhere.

I have now lived in six different neighborhoods in Nashville since moving here 7.5 years ago. I couldn’t really pick a favorite because they have each been something to write home about. I keep wondering if I’ll feel the need to move somewhere new once I run out of parts of town to live in, but I’m pretty sure I’m settled here for good. When you find a city that is full of opportunities, genuine and inspiring people, great nightlife and a sense of community, it’s safe to say you’ve found your home. That’s what Nashville has brought me and if you haven’t experienced that in a city, book a one way ticket to visit us because you won’t want to leave once you get here. Just ask one of the 85 people who move here per day. They’ll agree with me. 🙂




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