This Is Why I Refuse To Refer To Myself As A Millenial

Unfortunately, the world we live in today is full of unfair stereotypes in almost every area of life and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it. There will always be a certain amount of people who give others a bad reputation and it’s easy to lump everyone together as a collective group when it’s typically just a small amount of extreme people who ruin it for others. I’ve witnessed this in my profession and also in my faith.

Hair stylists have gotten a bad rep for smoking too many cigarettes, not being able to do math and coming into work hungover on a Tuesday. (Monday Funday, anyone?!!!) Okay, I’ll admit that I may have had a very small phase in life where this was actually an accurate description of me (I still suck at math) but the truth is, our industry is full of smart and creative go-getters who don’t deserve certain labels that other people put on them. I actually had a client several months ago who clearly did not understand something to do with her hair and as I nicely tried explaining the reason why what she was asking me to do wasn’t going to work, she started getting angry with me and said “Yeah I get it. I’m a doctor.” Clearly she didn’t get it and it took everything inside of me not to scream “YOU’RE A DOCTOR WHO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT HAIR!!! DO IT YOURSELF IF YOU ARE SO EDUCATED!!!” but I had to keep it professional. I was so offended that I still get angry thinking about it.

I might drink during the day on Mondays, but that doesn’t make me the stereotypical wild hairstylist.

As a Christian, I have grown up with the simple understanding that God calls us to share the gospel with others. In the Bible, Mark 16:15 says, “And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” But I have seen those people on the corners of the streets in downtown Nashville holding signs and yelling into a megaphone, “You’re going to hell if you don’t listen to me!” and it is honestly so embarrassing and makes non-believers think that every Christ follower is actually that crazy. There are appropriate ways to share your faith, but unfortunately the few extremists give us all a bad rep.

The best group of Jesus lovers I’ve maybe ever met. These girls came into my life at a time I didn’t even know I needed them.

When it comes to being born between 1981-1996, you automatically fall into the category of millenials simply based on your age. I believe our generation to have plenty of inspired and hard working entrepreneurs and professionals who are quickly climbing the corporate ladder, but unfortunately I believe it to be more full of the complete opposite. I’m not afraid to admit that it makes complete sense to me why millenials are stereotyped the way they are and I personally try and omit myself from this group of people. With a birth year of 1986, I know I technically am a millenial but I honestly refuse to refer to myself as one and I think it all comes down to how you were raised.

As someone who helps operate a company of four salons, I have spent years interviewing and training new employees. If I had a dollar for every 20-something who didn’t show up to their scheduled interview or sent in an absolutely horrific looking resume, I would honestly be rich. There is something that happened with this generation that keeps them from wanting to put in extra effort to present themselves in a way that shows they actually want a job. And I think it’s because they don’t want a job. So many of them have grown up with their parents handing them everything they need or want without having to lift a finger. Many of them go into their twenties never having actually applied for a job because they didn’t have to. So why would they all of the sudden want to give up their free time and actually work?

I got my first job at the age of 14 clearing tables at a small locally owned restaurant in my hometown. I had to pay for my own cell phone bill and once I started driving I was responsible for the car insurance and gas money. This required me to actually work in order to live life the way I wanted to. I loved having the freedom of shopping and going out to eat whenever I wanted but I appreciated these things a thousand times more because I was using my own hard earned money in order to enjoy them. Although I sort of hated my parents back then for not handing me money every weekend, I will forever be grateful that they didn’t waste money buying me a whole wardrobe of Abercrombie & Fitch clothing or let me live life unaware of what it’s like to actually pay bills.

I honestly would not be where I am today if they hadn’t raised me that way. So instead of being a typical freaking millenial, I have worked my butt off and experienced the joy of reaching goals I never imagined were obtainable. From spending several mornings with a country music legend at her in-home glam room to working backstage at awards shows styling hair for one of the biggest Christian music artists to working my way to the very top of the company I work for, I can safely say that no one made that happen except for me. And I wish the stereotypical millenial would understand how much more rewarding life is when you work hard to earn things for yourself.

Working at the Dove Awards last month!

I am in no way trying to sit here and “toot my own horn” because I know several people around my age who are busting their asses to make a living and I am fully aware it’s not just me. I even know several 20-somethings who are doing the same (shout out to my sister, Delaney and my NYC girls Julia and Graceann!) but through my experiences in the workplace and just everyday life, I find myself speaking the words “I literally hate millenials” almost on a daily basis.

I may be an old soul in certain areas of life and probably do act my age as well, but I refuse to conform to the ways of this generation. It’s not hard to create a professional looking resume. And what happened to the days of sending a thank you note or follow up email after someone interviews you? Stereotypes are real and typically unfair, but I genuinely believe there is a valid reason that millenials have such a bad repuatation. If anyone needs help creating a resume or prepping for a job interview, I got you. There’s a “contact” section on this site. Holler at your girl.

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  1. I saw a wonderful bill board the other day from an investment agency that said “people think Millenials don’t like to work. Retire early and prove them right!” Best ad targeted at Millenials ever!!!

  2. Great insight! Loved the pictures especially the one with your “Jesus loving friends”! You may have not known you needed them but your mother did! Prayers answered!! So proud of the awesome “Jesus loving woman” you have become!! Keep working hard and leaning on HIM!! So many blessings in your life, especially Jordan!! Love you, Mom

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