Three Reasons I Don’t Give A Shit That I’m Almost Thirty And Still Single

In a world of 22 year old brides, teen mothers and a high divorce rate, I’m not afraid to say that I am content being almost thirty and still single.


Whoever tries to say thirty is old has clearly never been to the fair with me.  Photo cred: Bluegenes Photography

Yes, there are times I am styling a bride’s hair or attending a friend’s wedding when I have a little tinge of sadness that I’m not the one in the fancy white dress wearing false eyelashes with my best friends surrounding me. But when it comes down to it, there are so many more reasons I’d rather be in the place I am now than in anyone else’s position and that’s a pretty great feeling.

Here are three reasons I don’t give a shit that in two short months I’ll be dancing into a brand new decade as a fabulously single woman.

1. I can travel at the drop of a hat.

This is the truth. If I want to plan a last minute trip to Cabo, home to see my baby nieces or anywhere in the world really, I can do just that. And I do this. All the time. I don’t have to check in with anyone or feel bad for canceling plans because if I want to get out of town for a few days, I’m going to do that. And do you want to know what’s better than spending money on pointless material things? Traveling and making memories. And do you want to know who is jealous of all my adventures? Every non-single person in America who has to plan trips around their husband’s job or their kid’s school breaks and sports games. I mean, that sounds miz.

2. I can focus all my time on my career.

I have accomplished many career goals in the past several years and I have a lot more in the works. Sometimes I’ll spend all day in the salon taking care of my extremely fabulous clients and then come home and spend all night on the couch putting in hours on my laptop to help bring my business dream to life. Plus, I didn’t even mention the time I spend working on my “side hustle” which is what I call this blog. Incorporating someone else into your weekly plans usually results in having less time to accomplish professional goals. And I have big dreams, so I’m okay being alone while I work on bringing those to life.

3. I always get dibs on the hot guy at the bar.

As someone who travels alone quite frequently, I find myself stumbling upon attractive men at the airport bar, on a plane, at Starbucks, etc. And do you want to know what’s really fun? Letting them buy me a drink and flirting a little and then going on my merry way. No commitments and no feeling guilty. Plus, when you’re the single friend of the group, you don’t have to worry about fighting over the hottest guy at the bar when you are out with your non-single friends. You get to be the one without a care in the world. As I like to say, YOLO.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I want nothing more than to get married and settle down one day. I recently got a tiny little glimpse of what it feels like to think that might happen sometime soon. It was a wonderful feeling. And I couldn’t be happier for all my adorably married friends. However, everyone moves at their own pace and you can’t argue with God’s timing.

So if you find yourself still single later than most of your friends, don’t allow anxiety to take over and make you feel like you need to catch up with where they’re at. Live in the moment, be happy with where you are and eventually your time to be (possibly) boring and married will come. Until then… go book a spontaneous trip and enjoy every second of it. There’s a lot of world to see out there.


4 thoughts on “Three Reasons I Don’t Give A Shit That I’m Almost Thirty And Still Single

  1. D – I married late ( 28 ) and love my life.. I did have it all.. the careers, the kids and a great marriage….. Numbers are just Numbers…. but experiences are priceless!!!

  2. D- Love the blog! I, as you know, took a long time to find the love of my life. I truly believe you should wait till you know it is right for you, not for everybody else. I married at 48 and loved all my single years and all my fun times! Stay strong and follow your heart! It is harder to stay single and wait for a good guy then it is to marry just to marry!

    1. I love this and you! Thanks for reading. I want to be just like you when I grow up. hahaha 🙂

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