Three Reasons It Really Freaking Rocks To Be A Creative

Sometimes I think about what my life would be like if I worked a Monday through Friday job from 9am-5pm and spent my days within a cubicle. I would probably not get any work done because I would get so antsy sitting in the same place all day that I would end up braiding my hair and checking Instagram and day dreaming (Yeah, I’m self-diagnosed with ADD.) I was definitely not born to work an office job and neither were most of my friends.

Ya know what? I will blog about it. And I’ll style my hair funky. It’s what I do. Photo cred: Paige Colaberdino Photography

Here are three reasons it really freaking rocks to be a creative.

1. Every day is Casual Friday.

Two terms that aren’t part of our vocabulary as people working in a creative field are “business casual” and “work attire”. Our personal style is our uniform and that makes every day Casual Friday. Yesterday, I wore ripped jeans, a cute top and Converse to the salon. On Monday I went to write at a coffee shop and had on cutoff jean shorts and a tee. Us creatives don’t have to spend extra money on things like pencil skirts and blazers, unless we’d wear that anyway.

2. We can still make money while on vacation.

We might not have a benefits package that provides us paid vacation days, but give us wifi and a laptop and we can travel without actually taking days off. I have updated numerous social media accounts and submitted payroll for fifty employees from a variety of different countries and islands. (Not to mention the amount of emails I’ve responded to in every different time zone.) So next time you see my vacation photo on Instagram and feel a little jealous, just remember I’m probably working every day I’m gone. But it doesn’t really feel like work when you’re overlooking the ocean so you won’t hear me complain.

3. We never run out of ways to make money.

Let’s be serious. If you’re a creative, you’ll never hold just one job title. We love always having a project and because of this, we never run out of ways to earn an income. My friend Krissy is a photographer, videographer, singer, new mom and Etsy shop owner (where she sells custom hand-lettering artwork.) She could never give herself just one title and neither could I! It’s almost like having job security even if you don’t have an actual “job”. There are so many freelance gigs you can score when you’re born with a creative soul.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you are the 9-5 cubicle working type, I still love you and adore your work ethic. But if you dread your office job and know you’re born to live the creative life, don’t waste your God-given talents. Take a leap of faith and use your gifts the way God intended. We can probably find a way to collaborate, or else let’s just do some work together on a beach somewhere.


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  1. Surprisingly my 9-5 office job has greatly benefited from my creative side hustle. Writing for my blog has satisfied my creative juices, allowing me to better focus at my desk job. All of those cube queens would greatly benefit from having a creative hobby or side hustle to keep them thinking!


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