You Need To Quit Putting Limitations On Your Abilities

When I became the only fifth grader in my school to have their poem published in a “Michigan Young Poets” book in 1996, God dropped His first hint about one thing I was meant to do in life. Then in 2002 when I became the only underclassman to ever be placed into Yearbook class at South Lyon High School, He tried again. In 2004 I was accepted into the Journalism program at North Park University in Chicago, but knew that four years of college would send me into more debt than I’d know what to do with.

I might have put off my love for writing, but that doesn’t mean it was out of my life for good. Photo cred: Paige Colaberdino Photography

We can do everything in our power to make certain things happen (or not happen), but God will always find a way to interfere and show us that He already has a plan.

I’ve spent countless nights scrolling through different online publications, finding it easy to relate to many of the articles and sharing them with anyone I felt could be affected by what the writer had to say.

I never actually thought I’d be one of those people putting their thoughts into writing and positively impacting thousands of strangers.

But as my life in Nashville has unfolded, a whole new batch of opportunities have come my way and there’s no way I can blame it on coincidence.

Over the past six months, I have not only grown as a writer through this blog, but I’ve had several of my articles published on a well known site called Thought Catalog. After publishing the very first piece I submitted, they continued to post my articles. This has led to my writing being shared over 3,000 times from their website. It gave me a newfound obsession with changing people’s lives through writing. So I went for the obvious next step and applied to be a contributing writer for Elite Daily.

It took over a month before I heard from them, but when I got the email saying I had been accepted, I immediately submitted my first article.

Five days later, my work was published on one of the largest publications on the internet.

Someone pinch me.

I realized that these doors had opened because I had figured out one of my true callings and I ran with it. Never in a million years did I think I could actually be considered a legitimate writer without a college degree, but guess what? God knew what he was doing.

I now don’t have one doubt in my mind that I can write a book, move to New York and be the next Carrie Bradshaw. Is that where my life will take me? I have no idea, but I’ve lost all fear and doubt and have quit putting limitations on my abilities.

I might not have a college degree, but why should I let that keep me from following a path I’m so obviously meant to take?

I write from the heart and I write to inspire. You can’t learn that in college.

So no matter where you are, what you do, or how much money you have, don’t put limitations on your passions or your calling. God knows what he’s doing.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, you obviously need to go read my very first Elite Daily article here! (And I wouldn’t hate it if you shared it on social media!)

Thanks for reading. It truly means the world.




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